Heat Shrink Cable Terminations, Joints & Accessories

Technical Details

Our heat shrink cable termination and jointing system have been developed after intensive research.

Heat shrink cable termination and joint offermany significant advantage:

  • Light weight
  • Fits wide dimensional range and less inventory
  • Minimum completion/installation time
  • High mechanical strength
  • Superior weather resistant
  • Unlimited shelf life

Heat shrink Product range:

  • Indoor & Outdoor terminations & joints for XLPE/PVC cables upto 36kV
  • Bus bar insulating tubing
  • Special wrap around cable repair sleeve
  • Thin wall, medium wall and heavy wall tubing
  • Cable breakout, right angle boot, straight boot, cable end caps

Heat shrink cable components testing and performance: All major components used for assembly of our termination and joint are tested as per the provision of various National and International standards according to internal quality program.

Tracking Resistant: Heat shrink terminations will not track even under the most adverse atmospheric pollution and highly polluted atmosphere.

High Electrical Strength: The materials are proven to outperform basic insulation level of system and can withstand repeated flashover and higher impulse voltage levels.

UV, Ozone, SO2 Resistant: Protective sleeves fully prevent termination and joint from UV degradation even when exposed to Ozone, SO2 and other Industrial Pollutants.

Flame Retardance: All shrinkable materials have inherent flame resistance to oxygen index of 29

Stress Control:

Selected heat shrinkable stress control sleeves have been used to control electrical stress at the end of insulation shielding. Stress control phenomenonismade understandable by the diagrams.

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